EUMASS Congress Learning Objectives

The 23rd EUMASS Congress provides a platform for presenting research and practice and policy developments for insurance medicine innovation as well as for spreading evidence-based knowledge of clinical relevance.

Professionals in insurance medicine and associated professionals attending the 23rd EUMASS Congress will be able to:

  • Learn about innovative methods and scientific advances in the field of insurance medicine, social security, work related disease and adjacent specialties;
  • Learn about the latest data and emerging trends from studies in Scientific and Good Practice research;
  • Enhance their knowledge of evidence-based approaches in insurance medicine;
  • Gain new knowledge on emerging diagnostic and risk-assessment strategies in the management of insurance medical claims;
  • Enhance practical knowledge and skills by educational activities;
  • Communicate, collaborate and network online with representatives of a large international audience – medical professionals, national professional societies of insurance medicine, and researchers.


In the process of identifying the learning needs the following procedures have been used:  

  • The EUMASS Council has identified gaps of knowledge through benchmarking procedures.
  • The EUMASS Council has analysed feedback from the delegates of earlier congresses (Survey and analysis of discussions of the 22rd EUMASS Congress in Maastricht)
  • The EUMASS Scientific Committee has identified the areas of active scientific development in insurance medicine
  • The EUMASS Scientific Committee has, through their group of experts, analysed the need of knowledge from a scientific viewpoint.
  • An expert group of EUMASS has surveyed educational gaps by mapping the field of insurance medicine in Europe.
  • The EUMASS Organizing Committee has met with European countries.
  • The EUMASS Organizing Committee has used national workshops with other authorities including the Public Health Care and Counties.
  • The EUMASS Organizing Committee has analysed the Swiss Learning Outcomes for the medical education in order to become a certified specialist physician.
  • The EUMASS Organizing Committee has had a meeting with representatives from the Swiss Universities.
  • EUMASS Council organised focus groups to identify educational gaps
  • The EUMASS Scientific Committee has put all this information together into a list of topics to address and of experts who would address these topics at the congress